Watercolor Wednesday ~ Bird #4 of 100

We really enjoy watching the little nuthatches when they come to eat at our suet feeders. They are great acrobats and hang upside down and sideways to get at the food. This is a little female, and she has a good grip on that branch!

Little Acrobat
Watercolor and Ink on paper. 7″ X 5″ $45 CAD

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  1. Oh, what a sweet painting! We enjoy watching the birds, as well. I had been without a feeding station since we sold our farm in 2014. I’ve been a bird watcher since about 1984. My husband got me a new feeding station and mounted my favorite bird house for Christmas and now we have lots of fine feathered friends at the feeders! The mockingbirds are loving the suet but they tend to scare off the littles so, we are moving the suet to a tree. No nuthatches yet…they are one of my favorites…but lots of chicadees, tufted titmice, finches, cardinals and wrens! So nice to be able to look outside and see these beautiful creatures.
    Thank you for always inspiring with your art.

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