Mixed Media Monday – Bird # 26 of 100 – Blue Jay

This is another painting that started out its life as a watercolour, then morphed into a mixed media piece! I do like the way it ended up.

We really enjoy watching the Blue Jays that come to our yard, especially when we put out peanuts. They are very smart and pick each one up, weighing them to see which one is the heaviest, then fly off with their prize. As the peanut supply goes down, they get less picky, and it is a race between them and the squirrels to see who gets the most!

This fellow is checking out some sunflower seeds.

Blue Jay – Mixed Media on paper. 5″ X 7″ $45 CAD plus shipping and handling

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  1. We love watching the birds and studying their habits. Very handsome Blue Jay. I call them the policing force of the aviaries for their coloring as well as their behavior when there is danger. Tthey often warn the other birds of danger with their piercing calls when there is a cat, dog or human around.

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