Make Your Own Stencils!

Why spend a lot of money on stencils? I make my own without any expensive equipment! Whether you’re a collage artist, scrapbooker, or just like stencils, this is a fun, cheap and easy way to create unique stencils.

Head to your nearest dollar store and buy a package of those clear page dividers that you used to use in your binders at school.

Draw a pattern on a piece of paper. Tape your paper to a cutting board, and then tape your clear plastic over top, so that both pieces are secure and won’t move.

If you like, you can draw directly onto the plastic with a Sharpie. I like using paper first though, in case I make a mistake in my design.

Keep your pattern simple to start. Remember, when you cut out the shapes it all has to stay together!

Using an X-Acto knife, cut out the parts that will be open, leaving the parts that will form the pattern.

Once you get it all cut out, use it however you want! I’ve used mine to make some prints on my Gelli Plate. These are very durable and can be used over and over.

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