Blackbird – New Journal, and Bird #76 of 100

I was watching one of Kimberly Santini’s Journal Through It videos the other day where she was sharing all of her various journals. It was fascinating to see the different materials and books she uses. There was one book that was a repurposed, or altered, art history book. You can see the video HERE, and the altered book starts at about the 43 minute mark.

I thought that was a great idea, so I looked through some of the books I had on the shelf in my studio and found one that I had purchased in a yard sale a long time ago. It was a book called Classic Crafts, and while interesting, they weren’t crafts that I was interested in taking up! The book is about 12.5 inches tall and 10 inches wide, so it’s a nice size, and much bigger than my other journals and sketchbooks. I had already altered it a bit because I had cut some pieces out to use for collage paper. It does have glossy pages, so I have to add gesso first before I start painting so that the paint will actually stick.

Then I had to decide what to put in this journal! While deciding, I gessoed the first two pages, and when that dried, I used some paint that was left over on my pallet to cover up the gesso. It was a turquoise colour. It sat that way for a few days. The other night, I couldn’t get the song Blackbird by the Beatles out of my head when I was trying to sleep. Then I started thinking of ways I could paint that song. Out came the black paint, and it took off from there!

Here’s what I learned with this Journal Entry:

  1. It’s freeing to paint just for yourself, with no expectations for a “perfect” final piece.
  2. Painting something black on black is tricky!
  3. Trying to take a photo of something mainly black and white with a hint of colour and a bit of a glossy finish is next to impossible!
  4. I am happy enough with this entry to share it.
  5. I think I’ll try this in collage.

I tried to take some photos, but they don’t truly show the subtleties in the painting. But as I say, these colours don’t lend themselves to amatuer photography!

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