A New Website and Blog

Here I am, starting a new website and blog! In the past, my blog and website were separate identities, but I’ve decided to try out this WordPress blog in my website.

Here is a link to my previous blog: Splashing Through Life which I will leave up for now.

I haven’t had a lot of art projects on the go lately. A couple of weeks ago, while walking my dog Maggie, she got spooked by a noise and took off, with me still attached! I landed on my face and left hand, resulting in a bit of a black eye and sprained pinky finger. So I’ve been letting my finger heal and it’s pretty much back to normal now!

The other day I needed to de-stress from all the crazy news lately and did a tiny abstract. I had really no design ideas, I just went with the flow. It’s not the best work of art in the world, but I kinda like it!

Mini Abstract 4 X 4 X 1.5″